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A ideology, a portrayal of what I believe in through my personal experiences. This is something I feel a lot of people can relate to with the idea of putting too much trust in someone or a group of people that in the end it comes back to betray you. There will always be people out there that don't support you or will make it their goal to destroy what they can't have. From personal experiences the only way to succeed is just not lower yourself to their level and just do what you want to do. We must succeed as individuals before we can succeed as a unified movement against all odds and enjoy all aspects of life.

Nightrunner was created with this idea in mind. The feeling I got when I go for drive relieves all tension and gives me time to think with no distractions. For as long as I am behind the wheel, I am free.

As featured in the "Need for Speed" video game produced by EA GAMES.

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8.5" x 2.75" in size.


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